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I was a candidate for knee replacement surgery. Before I scheduled surgery I did extensive research on what doctor I should use to accommodate my active lifestyle. Being from Minnesota and our state having really good medical options for this type of surgery I finally opted for Dr. Tom Rosenberg and the Park City Hospital.

Through my research of finding the right doctor I came to learn that post surgery rehabilitation is critical to the success of a knee replacement and the continuing my active lifestyle. I am not overstating the fact that choosing a physical therapist is the single most important thing one has to do to get back strength, stability, and roange of motion. I wanted to continue to play golf, hike, bike, swim, play baseball, and basketball, and most importantly play with my grandchildren.

I considered what physical therapy company to use as important as the decision on what doctor to use. I came to the conclusion that Wasatch Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine was the place for me. My research was more than proven correct. Adhering to their schedule I have regained what was lost due to surgery. Even Dr. Rosenberg during my last visit was saying how far ahead schedule I was of what his office typically sees with post surgery patients.

The staff at Wasatch Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine are professionals and over the top accommodating. The therapists are college and professionally trained with them even having an on staff licensed massage therapist. Finally I can't say enough about the support staff and their caring attitude towards their patients well being. I highly recommend Wasatch Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

Gary Morgan

Lauren Ziaks is a personable and knowledgeable Physical Therapist. I have been extremely happy with my time spent into PT with her and that work that she does. I would highly recommend her to any of my colleagues, friends, athletes, family, etc. She also has a great humor that makes the visits a bit more entertaining. The entire staff is excellent. All 5 stars and two thumbs up!

Adi Smith

Brand and Dan and their team at Wasatch Physical Therapy are fantastic. I have been a patient post-injury and post-surgery and I cannot say enough about what they do to get you back in top form. They always make people feel at home and comfortable and do their best to fit you in when you are in pain so you can get back to work and play. They get professional athletes back on the race course, weekend warriors back out on Saturdays and an old chef like me back into the kitchen.

Zane Holmquist

When I had my knee replaced after my stint on Dancing With the Stars, Brandon was assigned to me for home health. After the home health I went to Wasatch Physical Therapy for the rest of my treatment. The staff there was unbelievable, not only did they get me back to normal but they made it fun all the way through. Brandon and his staff are some of the finest physical therapist I have ever had the pleasure of working with. No matter who was working on me I felt that I was in very capable hands. Everything from the hands on treatment to teaching me exercises that would benefit my recovery was totally professional. I am truly convinced that my quick recovery was accelerated because I looked forward to going to my sessions. I was always greeted with smiles and laughs. It was more like being worked on by friends than just therapist. I would recommend them to anyone who needs physical therapy. I was actually a bit bummed when my sessions ran out and they told me I was good to go.

Bill Engvall

I had a knee replacement on March 23, 2015. I have to say I was a wreck. My body was totally out of line. I had not only the knee to deal with, my hip and back were out of line too. That was my fault, I held off the surgery too long. Brandon and his staff saw me through it all. I had 17 weeks of physical therapy, I will be going again this February for another knee replacement. I am looking forward to going back to Wasatch Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. Everything Brandon told me during my recovery was spot on. The staff at Wasatch PT are porfessionals and over the top accommodating. They have a caring attitude toward their patients. I highly recommend them and I have recommended them to other people. They were as happy with them as I was.

Joanne Wolf

My mother and I were involved in a high speed collision. We're lucky to be alive! Concussion, whiplash, head injury; you name it. We couldn't think. Vision and hearing troubles. We spoke with many different people in our search for proper treatment, it was becoming a nightmare. We felt like we were falling into a hole that we weren't ever going to escape. After doing the research, we chose to begin our recovery with Wasatch Sports Medicine. Thankfully, our lives began to change almost immediately. Every clients treatment plan is individually tailored for the client's specific needs. Lauren, the 2 Jens and Carolyn....they are masters at what they do. Vision therapy, physical therapy and deep tissue work have all been a huge relief. If you do what they tell you, you WILL see results. The course of therapy is constantly changing as you heal and progress. While we are still on the mend and have much more therapy to do....I have absolute faith (based on our progress thus far) that we WILL overcome these head injuries. Wasatch Sports Medicine helped us get our lives back on track. I'd refer everyone I know!

Tosha & Joan Steed

I am very grateful to Lauren Ziaks, Carolyn Ure, and the team at the Concussion Clinic for helping me become an active participant in my life again after initially suffering seven awful months with Post Concussion Syndrome. Thanks so much ladies! You've made a challenging rehab fun!!

Wendy Rolfe-Cook

My 7 year-old daughter, Nellie, was referred to vision therapy following symptoms from a concussion. Her eyes were having trouble tracking, causing her to have frequent headaches and neck tension. I had also noticed she had trouble keeping her place while reading. Within one week of therapy with Lauren, her headaches had almost completely subsided. With continued therapy, all of her symptoms were gone and her overall visual ability had improved dramatically.

Nellie looked forward to her therapy appointments each week. Lauren, Krisde, Carolyn, and the rest of the staff all seemed very interested in her personally. She developed a bond with her therapists to the point it was hard for her to stop going when her therapy had concluded. I would definitely recommend Lauren and the staff at Wasatch Physical Therapy. They treated us like family!

Shana Edmunds

Our son, Fisher, sustained two concussions from ice hockey in a 7 month period of time. After the first five months of recovery, having regular physical therapy, he continued to have trouble with visual tracking. He was referred to Lauren Ziaks and her team (Krisde) for therapy. After a thorough evaluation by Lauren, a plan for both on-site therapy and home therapy was made and gone over with us. Fisher was making great progress until his second concussion, which Lauren helped confirm prior to getting an appointment with the specialist. At this point, Fisher lost all the visual progress he had gained over the month and half of therapy. However, with a revised plan developed again, Fisher was able to “graduate” from his therapy to only working on home therapy for another month.

We have been very happy and impressed with the information and support provided by Lauren and Krisde. Lauren was able to answers to questions and go more in-depth, when asked, with what we were seeing. As a parent, I feel more confident in being able to identify some of the less obvious symptoms of the concussions in my son thanks to the “education” I have received. Krisde offered the “fun” part of therapy where visual tracking was paired with physical activities. This helped our son remain engaged with the therapy while being physically active. Both had a great sense of humor and were able to help him look forward to weekly/bi-monthly visits

Kristin Hellmann

In less than a fraction of a second - I did enough damage to my right shoulder to permanently change my quality of life. I tried to justify the event in my own mind. Was it the new tune on my skis? Could I blame the poor snow conditions? Am I getting sloppy (or fragile) in my old age? Regardless of the reason; I found myself with a date for surgery, a lot of pain and considerable anxiety about what the future had in store for my right arm.

It took the Surgeon just under 4 hours to mount, screw and stitch my shoulder bones, cartilage and ligaments back together. I had to immobilize my arm for 6 weeks following the procedure. When I was referred to Wasatch Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine I had virtually no range of motion and even less strength. With the help of Melissa, Dan and the PT crew I have made a near full recovery and have come to enjoy the quality of life that I knew before my skiing injury.

Ryan Bunnell

"Dan, Your therapy ROCKS! Thanks for everything.


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